Lancia delta evoluzione 1. Unique Lifestyle
Lancia delta evoluzione 1. Unique Lifestyle
Lancia delta evoluzione 1. Unique Lifestyle
Lancia delta evoluzione 1. Unique Lifestyle

The Lancia Delta Evoluzione 1 

is a legendary rally-inspired sports car that captivated enthusiasts with its remarkable performance and distinctive design. This iconic model, born from Lancia’s rally success, boasts a turbocharged engine, all-wheel drive, and aerodynamic enhancements, delivering an exhilarating driving experience on both road and track. The Evoluzione 1's unmistakable appearance pays homage to its racing heritage, making it a cherished gem among automotive aficionados.

Lancia delta evoluzione 1. Unique Lifestyle

The uniqueness of the Lancia Delta Evoluzione 1 lies in its sports heritage, technical concept, and impressive racing history:

1. Rally Legacy: The Delta Evoluzione 1 was developed based on Lancia’s rallying successes, particularly in the World Rally Championship. This car was designed for racing and effectively represented the brand on the tracks.

2. Technological Innovations: The Evoluzione 1 incorporated cutting-edge technological solutions of its time, such as all-wheel drive, aerodynamic enhancements, and high-performance turbocharged engines. This allowed it to achieve outstanding performance both on roads and tracks.

3. Recognizable Design: The design of the Delta Evoluzione 1 is distinctive and recognizable, partly due to its sporty origins. It combines aggressive lines with aerodynamic elements, creating a unique exterior appearance.

4. Limited Availability: Typically, Evoluzione 1 models were produced in limited quantities, making them collectible and rare vehicles. This limited availability adds value and uniqueness to each individual unit.

5. Cult Status: The Delta Evoluzione 1 has achieved a cult status among car and racing enthusiasts due to its racing history, technical excellence, and distinctive character.

Collectively, these factors make the Lancia Delta Evoluzione 1 a unique car that holds a prominent place in the history of the automotive industry and motorsports.

Lancia delta evoluzione 1. Unique Lifestyle


Make — Lancia 

Model — Delta Evoluzione 1

Type — hatchback

Construction year — 1991

Color — red

Interior color — grey

Mileage (km) — 91500

Power kW (CH) — 151 kW (205 CH)

Engine size — 1995 cm3

Gearbox — manual

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